Sunday, 13 January 2013

Now change wallpaper and apply aero glass effect in windows 7 starter/Home basic

    I am a student of NIIT and all students who are pursuing GNIIT course have to buy a netbook NIIT provide, you can’t choose your own. The netbook they gave us was an Acer aspire one d270 268kk the netbook is not bad compare to its price and comes with good specification but it comes with Windows 7 starter edition it’s not a fault of NIIT that they provide us this specific netbook, this netbook really fit their requirement and price ratio.

So, that’s how I stuck with windows 7 starter edition.

Who in the world will not want that his desktop will look like the way he want so after following some of my step your desktop can look like the image below

In windows 7 starter edition you can't change background image even the personalize windows is not available. 

There are two options available to solve this problem with the first  option you will be able to do everything you can change the background image and you can use the Aero glass effect too.

And  the second option  is to change only wallpaper with Starter background Changer. 
Both option will target different people But before trying any of the following option  i will recommend you to Create a system restoration point.  

Option One:

You have to first download two setup file from the following site i am giving a link to do that, the credit of the software goes to the people behind the site.

But first you have to change your UAC (user account control )settings to never notify and restart your PC.

To download the first software click here

Go to the above link and download the setup file then extract it in a new folder.

Then right click on the file and Run as administrator.

Click next to start the installation process.

Don't change any settings and click next.

The first red circle is showing the path were the file will install check it and then click on next.

Click on install.

Let the installation process complete.

Click on finish.

If you want to Visit the home page then click yes otherwise click no and close the application.

Right click on desktop and you will find the personalize option, click on the option and an new personalize window will open you can change your desktop  background now but you have to wait for that now just restart your computer.

To download the second software click here 

Click on download option and save the file.

Then right click on the file and Run as administrator.

Now you can see that there are two personalize option available don't do anything now just restart your computer. 

After restart you will have full Aero features click on the second or first personalize option in the right click option bar in desktop. and you will see windows original personalizetion panel.

Click on windows color and change desktop color or get transparent task bar change your wallpaper.

 Now you have completed the process do whatever you want play with color.

Visit the software site for more information.

Like written on the Software  website you windows will be not genuine but no notification will be shown at your desktop. if you really want it badly then try it but if take my advice i will say you that only changing  wallpaper is enough for most peoples so just try the second option its risk free your windows will be genuine. Option Two:
Starter background Changer.
It is decent software and we have like it much, the installation process language was different but now they have updated their software and installation process has gone simple in English language.If you are just happy with changing your wallpaper then this option is only for you and it completely free from money and risk

You can download the setup file from their site, click here

If you are confused than see the images:
Click on the place were i have made the red circle the language is different don't be afraid because of the donate button it is completely free if want you are free to donate may be if you want you can donate, this people have done a great job.

Click on download in English then in the new window click on the save file option now go to your download location  to find the file.
The credit of this software goes to the people behind this site completely. 

First of all download the file and start the installation process by double clicking on the setup file.
I don’t think that you will require step to step guide because the language of the software is change to English now but we are providing you the Screen shot of the installation process by this you will be able to see what happen and what to do in the installation process.

 click on next
Select I agree and click on next

 The two red box is showing the path were the software is installing and a warning saying that if you installed the older version than please uninstall it , after checking the details click.

Click the start button to start the installation process.

Select your language then click OK, And then click on next.

Let the installation process complete.

Close the window and click on next.

Installation process is complete now click on exit to close the window.

After completing the installation process you will get custom personalization window, congratulation you can change your background image now

 Just click on desktop background and change your wallpaper

Now see your new  desktop.

 we have use this software for more than 6 month and we have no complaints.